Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome to Fadath soil ,your not leaving sons of a wild Gashant!

South East of Fadath a long the Skorosia to Fadath canal is a rock out crop which shows a cliff face to the South .This has become a camp site for many over the years along the canal for those who don’t want to sleep on the water. A small canal priest temple was built here but is no longer in use.

Oenotrian troops from Skorosia are attempting to push North along the Skorosia-Fadath canal through Fadath territory.

Supply boats were tasked to meet here and resupply the advancing troops.

However since its last failed assault on the city the Fadath have added further reforms to their army. Rather than just relying on their ancient walls for defence it has with human mercenary training prepared for taking to the field for small to medium actions.

While the Skorosian forces advance on their ‘raiding’ campaign Fadath forces prepare for their arrival near the canal route. This will be an opportunity for the newly trained and equipped Fadath 1st Fadath Foot (Freemen of Fadath) and try to bond them with the Fadath regular army corps.

This expedition is as much for domestic political use as military.
Game information.

Fadath Forces:

Command Group-

Hesperian Free Company Breach loading Rifles and revolvers (6 men) Elite

Nash's Merryweather  Scouts Bolt Action Rifles (5)Elite

Cpt./капита́н Ivan's Cossacks Rifled Muskets sharp shooters (6) Elite

Deadly Sting-Martian Rifled Muskets ¼ Band (15 men ) Elite Regulars

1st Fadath Foot

First Line-Bolt Action and Breech Loading Rifles ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Second Line-Martian Rifled Muskets ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Two infantry support weapons. Trained

Third Line-Spearsmen ¼ Band (15 men) Trained

Two infantry support weapons. Trained

No Cavalry support.

Total 60+ men = 1 Band + a dozen or so human mercenaries

Oenotrian(Skorosia) Forces:

Command Group-

Oenotrian Marines-Martian Rifled Muskets (12 men)  Elite Troops

Oenotrian “True Shots” Rifled Muskets (12 men ) Elite Troops

Oenotrian Volunteers-Bladed Weapons (10 men) Elite Troops

Astrapsk Levies-Martian Smoothbore Muskets (10 men)

Crocea Volunteers-Bladed Weapons (15 men)

Skorosia Regular Infantry-Bladed Weapons (10 men)

Artillery 3xRod Guns 

Total 60+men =1 Band

Right hand side of the table is the West. To the North is the ‘cliff face’ where you can see where a lot of the death in the first rounds came from.The canal took up to much room for the size of the ‘domestic’ games table and made the small battlefield a bit of a blood bath but we wanted to test Martian troops with human rifles against more traditional Martian guns.

The deployment took place in three stages,Fadath first then Oenotrian the Fadath 'Ambush troops'.But more were held back for the roll of a die with a few surprises for later rounds, if lady luck is on the players side.


  1. DLI,

    NICE! Extra points for using the Hesperians.

    Keith F.

  2. Sorry gentlemen well behind on posting the rest with domestic things and the rest of life,will try to catch up soon.Yes Keith the I fancied the Hesperian Basin Trading Company would of branched out with their private army in the original works (Fort Dickerson) into providing mercenaries and military training to Martian states who could pay.So its 'support' force was born as the Hesperian Free Company which has been responsible for the formation of the bulk of the new Fadath army.The 1st Fadath Foot.

  3. I should also add covering such a large area of the Hesperian Basin I can use these mercenaries in other fields of conflict and not restrict them to Fadath.Or anyone else if they wanted to as the back ground for them is very open to additions from the original trading company.