Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fadath Battle The Field is Ours!

The Blue Jackets are trapped and turned to Martian mincemeat by rifle file and big pointy things carried by the Crocea butchers. Who now wield back to the centre.

 But the centre have broken and all is panic! Unluckily for them the red jacked Fadath Marines have fixed their sights on them.

The ‘True Shots’ not driven by blood lust and always the professionals can see the day is lost and make an orderly retreat to the canal bank.

The ‘True Shots’ and Marines give cover fire while the Oenotrians lucky enough to reach the canal board a supply boat for safety.


A Fadath victory and they did have the advantage of home ground but questions have to be asked number one of which is were the regular riflemen of Deadly Stingacting under the orders of Prince Hastuun to turn on the freed slave troops?.


  1. Questions indeed - I smell INTRIGUE.

    Great scenario and a jolly fun battle, from the look of it.


  2. Thanks Keith,

    Intrigue was one of the things that attracted me to Fadath.Lots of room to play with the great fan work which started it off.Its a bit like a mini Mars within its walls.;)