Friday, 25 January 2013

Fadath Battle Engaging the Oenotrian troops

Oenotrian forces advance but suffer heavy loses on their left flank. Its artillery are now pinned down buy sharp shooters and thinning quickly but manage to land a shot into the red jacketed infanty. The right flank holds and starts to inflict damage of the Fadath forces.

The centre mainly made up of choppers prepares for a charge.

([On a diceroll]A ‘wild card’ comes into action)and the Fadath regular musket unit rebels in favour for the Oenotrians. These troops are part of Prince Hastuun command. They turn on the Fadath rifle unit who are supporting the spears men.

The battlefield is much more clear now for the invaders and what they fearsed was a British & other European rifle force is in fact Martians.But things still aren't that simple as Nash Merryweather's scouts attacks the rear of the musketeers and sends them packing.

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