Friday, 25 January 2013

Fadath Battle Advancing Troops

Oenotrian forces quickly notice Fadath troops and what appears to be Red Devils approaching the by the West. They haven’t seen the Fadath troops on the cliff top or in the trees.

Lines are quickly drawn and a minor panic sets in with the Skorosian artillery to prepare an volley shot before the troops get any closer. They can’t get a clear shot for all the guns because of their own troops. But seemingly from nowhere their fellow gunners start to explode in front of them as the distinctive sounds of Ruumet Breehr Guns are heard. Followed by musket fire in the distance.

Oenotrian Marines & Volunteers, Astrapsk Levies, Crocea Volunteers, Skorosia Regulars advance of the approaching Fadath and their allies? As they do they comes under fire for the rocks above them.


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