Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Martian Terrain Work

Just a few pics of the on going terrain project for my Space 1889 games.

Finishing off projects at the same time. A pair of Martian water wheels  used to produce power from the canal.


They will sit in the canal and power a number of items in the settlement including the long promised Martian crane.


  1. Wow. That looks amazing! Look forward to seeing it finished and in al its glory!

  2. Thank you Gordon, like anything here it's a matter of finding the time :)

  3. That does indeed look most splendid!

  4. Thank you Paul :) , I'm well behind on finishing projects at the moment but every spare minute is being taken up at the moment.

  5. Finishing projects is a nice to do in my house :-)

    You might like this too:

  6. Well , I know I am late on comments but this look very interesting! I wonder how the crane and everything will look like, exciting!

    I have also been very lazy on my own blogg but very soon... =)