Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fadath and other things

Just cleaning off some Gashants before starting the long slog ;)

On the Fadath front I've sent off for a single pack of minis to test scale from Pontoonier Miniatures through their UK supplier Newline Designs.I went for their Burmese troops.With a little conversation and a creative paint job I hope to be able to use them for the freed slaves militia.They have enough of a British/European influence with enough Eastern influence to fit a Martian force.

They come with rifles,muskets and spears which can all fit unto the Fadath back ground fluff I've worked on.They will also be different to the 'tradtional' Fadath troops I'm using ebay bought GW LOTR minis which is what I'm aiming for.

I've also promised myself come what may to put all projects (in cluding and unfinished Fadath ones) to one side at x-mass and get a game in and finish at least two of the half built Cloudships still on the block.

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