Friday, 5 October 2012

Still plodding a long

Still up to my ears is unfinished Cloud ships(no I haven't forgotten them ;) ),prototype Ruumet Breehr conversions(sadly as it doesn't look like RAFM will be making any for a while since their latest fund raising project flopped),finishing off my Oenotrian Army with an artillery unit and more cavalry. A few more minions for my created evil master mind on Mars plus a few other 'small' bits and bods.

I've come up with the idea to build an army of Fadath based on the work of
Ni Ke Hsin.Following the description given in the work it should allow for an interesting force. A core of city troops, a small number of human mercenaries and the bulk made up of freed slaves.

So far I'm thinking along the lines of the city core troops being conversions of cheap eBay bought GW LOTR elves. Leave the archers and swordsmen as they are but add a rifled musket unit made of conversions. The arms and rifled muskets come from Perry dismounted cavalry plastic sprues.

Mercenaries should act as an elite or a number of small elite units. So British service troops painted up as mercs with an ex-British army hint in the uniforms. A French artillery unit. Boars as a scout unit and just for fun Cossacks as snipers.

The freed slave forces could end up as RAFM minis but given the recent price increase this may be a small build up. Biting off more than I can chew? Maybe ;)


  1. DLI - funny how we're often on the same track. I stumbled over Ni Ke Hsin's Fadath article a few months ago, and have been planning the campaign using Soldier's Companion.

    Thinking of using the campaign map in Conklin's, with Crocea as a proxy for Fadath. Also, will need additional troops for the League, as the two Skorosian legions described in the article ain't up to the task of punishing.

    Looking forward to pics and AARs.

    Keith F.

  2. Hi Keith,

    Ha!Ha! Great minds etc etc or the Oenotrian's spy network is working over time ;) lol

    I took Syrtis Major city map for ideas an from what I can tell from the planet pictures. Three canals two running North one North East to Astrapsk the other North West to Crocea. These are placed in the North of the city running into the other canal which splits the city into North & South banks. This third canal runs to Skorosia to the South and the Gorklimsk swamps North. Conklin's map has also proved most helpful.

    The additional thing adds interest to Ni Ke Hsin's work is the Princess apart from converting and freeing the cities slaves is not a native. She in fact comes from the fallen city of Melas now under Belgian control. So I'm thinking of maybe having a former military unit from Melas or refugee raised unit who came to the city for shelter and support to their possible heir to the occupied city?. Lots of room for intrigue ;)

    It will be a while before they hit the battlefield but hopefully before the Christmas holidays lol