Sunday, 11 October 2020

Slow work at the Martian shipyards/October 2020

 Slow work at the shipyards. Lots of vessels in at the moment and time is scarce.

The Hullcutter is going to be the older version which has seen many years of action.

The twin hull is going to be a French armoured yacht for the French consul in the British sector of influence. 

The grey gun boat at the back is and almost complete American consul's ship just awaiting it's props and a few guns.

Next to it is another privately owned tug boat.


  1. Outstanding work. I particularly light the twin hulled French yacht. Looking forward to seeing future progress.

  2. That's a lot of diplomatic boats. I suspect some intrigues are in store!

    1. That is the plan Dave. Not wanting to change the canon too much and not take on the task of building whole armies. I went with the idea of bring other factions to the table through the Great Game.

      But you know how long it takes me to get things done lol.