Saturday, 17 October 2020

Martian city market WIP/Another October 2020 post!

 Busy Busy Busy!

Working on the Martian city market board. Further marking out and measuring. Working out where the buildings will go with the fixed foot paths. Hopefully it will be adjustable for later games.

MDF foot paths from the current snowed under ttCombat who are still trading through the constant beer flu restrictions. In the right hand corner a tax officer/canal light house conversion WIP.


  1. How big is the board itself? Looks like a beast!

  2. She was going to be 6 by 4. But due to an expensive jigsaw guide device not working. She is now 5 by 4 after being hand sawn, which is what I should of done in the first place lol.

    Originally from an (9mm) 8 by 4 boards. Heavy but lighter than the WIP docks board.

    1. Arg. How annoying is that? I've taken to clamping a 2x4 as a guide these days when I do cuts like that. I'm not quite happy with my ability to achieve a real straight edge free handing with a jigsaw or circular saw.