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Fadath Coup d'etat Game

Fadath Coup d'état Game

Prince Hastuun’s failed attempt of removing the human mercenaries and freed slave troops with the help of Oeotrian troops has placed suspicion on his command of the Deadly Sting. So he has been forced to restrict its remaining numbers to barracks. He is also officially spending more time at his country retreat but has increased the work of his spy networks.

He is not without troops in the city though. A swift strike against the “Melas whore” could still bring an end to human influence in the state and raise Hastuun to Regent. Of cause Prince Daanyo would have to die in the coup as he has betrayed his people and birth right.

The best opportunity within the year would be the Princess’s birthday which has become a public holiday since it was suggested to her by the Church.

Hastuun starts to put things into place for his coup to bring down K
ristyanna’s reign.

He knows he can rely on the following units, the Palace Guard, the City Guard, the guards at the Royal Armouries and Cadets at the Army & Fleet Academy but none of these are at a band level of strength. He needs some of those units that are unhappy with Kristyanna’s rule or the human involvement in Fadath affairs.

Namely “Kristyanna’s Shield” the ex-Royal bodyguard who have been replaced with Melas troops without justification. They also suffered heavy loses in the last war and feel aggrieved that they should be treated in such a way for no reason. Then the City Levy who recently having been placed on equal level to former slaves in the new corps. The remaining group is the old marines band which like “Kristyanna’s Shield” have grievances with the Princess. None of these are at full strength either but used for key functions or kept out of a counter coup would make it possible for the coup plot to succeed.

As for those troops loyal to the princess who would need to be removed altogether. Prince Hastuun must work a little of his military magic. He is still March Master of the Fadath Army, while this roll and title only comes into force while the city state is at official war, he can still order troop movements and organise training of units.

Now the Canal Watch are on regular patrols away from the city so they are already dealt with, so are the Rural Levy who are unarmed in their villages. Being that Hastunn holds their weapons in the Royal Armoury during times of peace.

He gives the order for the Dooms End to go on manoeuvres thereby removing them from the city for a number of weeks.

But he has little practical control over the Fadath Foot, the human mercenaries or the Swift Death. The Swift Death would all have to die either way as they are commanded by Prince Daanyo and even his officers wouldn’t turn. They are depleted in numbers though and shouldn’t be a major problem to deal with. The humans however are well trained, well armed and their livelihoods depend on the Princess. Worst is they hold key points in the city including the entry points of the New Palace. These troops would need to go straight away and the others dealt with later.

As for the Fadath Foot. No slave can be allowed to carry arms on an equal level as the noble houses of Fadath. They must be put to the sword if they do not surrender their weapons. On a practical sense they must be boxed up in the Old Barracks until the Coup has succeeded, then dealt with harshly. They aren’t likely to surrender after gaining their freedom and would most likely fight to the death. Their officers and human mercenary advisors though should be eliminated at the start of the coup to prevent organised resistance.

Finally the Melas Freedom Guard , small in numbers and should be butchered like their brothers in the Melas  Royal Body Guard. Few city dwellers would bat an eyelid for the outsiders.

The political side of things:

Hastuun has secured support for the coup from the Oeotrians but can’t use their troops or been seen to use their troops. While he has no intensions of handing the city back to the Oeotrian Empire, he would be much more friendly to the empire and support a policy of no humans in the region and closing off a back door for the British Empire to the Oeotrian Empire.

Metropolitan Shiog'ii has given his full support to Hastuun and will publicly come out and support  “the return of a true believer in the faith” and demand all Mrohzanji followers support the Prince over the “Melas whore”. Converting to Christianity didn’t help the Princess politically within the traditional ranks of Fadath. He has also offered his Oeotrian personal body guard to Hastuun.

The Metropolitan Shiog'ii will also stirrup the populace to burn down the Cathedral which will act as a distraction to the attack on the palace.

The plan:

The Dooms End band are sent North a week before the Princesses birthday.

The Fadath Foot are instructed to line the route of the Princess parade and will rehearse in a manner to dispute and harass the general populations daily life a week before the day of celebration. This is designed to upset the common Fadath man and women against the Fadath Foot even more than already exists. The eve of the birthday celebration the parade will be cancelled and the troops ordered to remain in barracks the next morning.

The Melas Freedom Guard are asked to take part on the parade in the same manner as the Fadath Foot and told to stand down on the evening before the royal birthday celebrations .

On the day:

At sun raise-

The old marines will be close and hold the landing field to all transport. No cloudship my take off or land without written authority of Prince Hastuun.

The City Guard will close and secure all road gates, water gates and bridge crossings.

The Deadly Sting will arrest the Swift Death and execute them by firing squad at day break under the guise of the start of the day’s celebrations. They then will take up the position in the centre of the line facing the Old Barracks.

The City Levy will assemble at the Royal Armouries and march to the Old Barracks and link up with the City Guard holding the west side of the bridge forming up along the road to the New Barracks. Any Fadath Foot troops that attempt to leave the Old Barracks are to be shot. The City Levy are not to assault the Old Barracks though just hold their position.

The Royal Armouries Guard will link up on the City Levies right flank and hold with City Guards in the near tower and on the walls.

Once the Old Barracks is surrounded Kristyanna Shield will be dispatched to the New Palace and report a coup is under way and the New Barracks has fallen to the rebels. They have come to support the Princess. They are to gain entry from the North of the palace and await a horn signal. Then assault the human guards. Once removed make their way to the Melas Bodyguard within and put them to the sword.

At a given horn blow-

The Palace Guard will move across the Old Palace roofs onto the New Palace and assault the human guards and Melas bodyguard. They are also tasked with arresting Prince Daanyo and execute him on the spot.

Kristyanna Shield assault begins.

Army & Fleet Officers Academy cadets enter the New Palace by a secret entrance. Where they have been waiting since overnight in the Old Palace and make their way to the Princesses private quarters to seize her and hold her hostage. Should Daanyo not be in his quarters or organising resistance by this time he is to be shot on sight. His death will be blamed on the Melas bodyguards revolting and that Daanyo was leading the coup for Fadath freedom with the assistance Army & Fleet cadet officers!

By midday-

Once the New Palace is secure Prince Hastuun will be declared Regent by the Metropolitan.

The Metropolitan Shiog'ii will have already started stirring up the populace to burn down the Cathedral , attack humans and there dwellings within the city.

The Fadath Foot will be forced to lay down their arms or the Old Barracks will be bombarded with artillery. If they do come out and lay down their arms they are to be chained and taken to the slave pens. If any resist they are to be killed on the spot as an example to the others. They are also to be told they are being sold to the Oeotrian’s to calm them down a little. This is a lie but thinking of the treatment they could get from their former Fadath owners would make them more desperate. Though it is not expected that they will surrender, all officers must be prepared to put all slaves to death if necessary for the security of the city.

The Melas Freedom Guard will be rounded up by the cadets and stirred up city mobs for public executions.

Once the Fadath Foot is neutralised the remaining human mercenaries stationed at the City Armoury, City Works (
Gas Power Station/Sewers pumping station) and the HBTC compound who haven’t fled will be dealt with one location at a time by Fadath Regular troops. As these are sites of value and possible plunder the mobs must be steered away from these towards private human property.

Editors Bit
This is a little tease as I’ve still 50 “Wee men” to finish painting and I’m still involved in Venus terrain projects but I’m trying very hard to get a Fadath game played very soon.


  1. Loving the blog, you devious person, you.
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  2. HaHa! Thank you for the complement ;) Evidence of a misspent youth lol.Just trying to give a reason for the game without changing the 'official' published background material and have a fun game too :)


    The game is planned for this weekend barring earthquakes,civil revolt,floods or fires!.All wee men painted just a matt varnish to add.

    Sorry about the posting problems there seems to be something wrong with the service everytime I log on.Sections missing,posts missing.Not sure whether its me or the far reaching arm of the Google Corporation?