Friday, 12 July 2013

Genetic Engineering Space 1889 style

I received extracts from some of the new novels a couple of weeks back from an interested party on TMP who felt I should know about the new additions after a recent thread on the subject.Leviathans in the Clouds seems to hold the most additions with at least two new races.

There had been hints of bio/genetic engineer as we now know it in the back ground of the series with the creation of advanced planet Vulcan (not the Star Trek one lol) but we seem to have these back ground hints coming to the fore now.I could go on about the plot but that isn't the reason for the post.

I've always been attracted to the idea of Parrotmen on Venus and went ahead with buying some Kroot and and working towards building a colony along the lines of other (non-Space 1889)writers.

I'd worked on a plot (as there aren't any birds on Venus) of Vulcan bio engineering them as guards for the Vulcan colonies/lab bases/temples and using the Lizardmen (now known as the Skreelan) as workers.Well blow me down its already been written into the latest books,well sort of!.So my question is should I make my Parrotmen into quasi Therians? Or do I stick to the original plan and make them another engineered race on Venus?

Thoughts most welcome.

N.B.We also apear to have meat eating "Beastmen" under the surface of Ceres as well.I don't think I'll be starting an army with them until at least 2014 if at all.Wish these Vulcans had not seeded so many planets & moons lol.


  1. Well, I am not entirely familiar with the new Space 1889 background.

    That said, I have in mind (and slowly in lead) a force for a mad scientist who has been manipulating 'the threads of Life itself' (i.e., gene helices) to combine plants, animals, and even humans into bizarre chimerical creatures. He works on Venus, hiding in plain sight as a member of the Imperial German Science Institute mission there.

    1. Ha!Ha! No VSF is complete without a Mad Scientist.The possibilities are endless :)

      It was new to me as until now I hadn't read any.Adding races isn't anywhere as bad as radical changes to the ones we know and (have recreated in lead)love.

      I'll watch with some reserve.Hoping for no more suprises or lots of rewrites for my fluff and games plans.

    2. I actually have two mad scientists. Vardu on Venus, and Maton on Mars. Maton is a Mechanickal type. Bob Charrette of Parroom Station has a Secret Science Masterminds game that pits mad geniuses against one another. Good stuff to be found there.

  2. Funny enough I only bought some Martian from the Parroom range.Another visit may be in order!