Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finally some progress on Space 1889

Well its been a while since my last blog (nothing new there :( )but I've been busy painting and constructing while dealing with the rest of my crazy life!

More progress on cloudships but I'll post that when they are all painted. In the meantime here are a few bits that have been waiting to be finished for a while.

A Royal Navy aerial patrol ship and an Imperial German walker both from Ironclad. A Gashant pulled wagon which will have a Royal Artillery driver added to it soon and in the back ground some Martian rebels Shastapsh. The Belgian Coprate army is nearly finished and was held up by another Fadath unit (it must be the last ...) and half a dozen more mercenaries for the HBTC.New Martian pirates, Red Captains, and evil Mastermind crews being worked on to. Plans for a balsawood kite going through the blueprint stage.

Lots of Venus terrain now finished only two large bits to do. These are an interchangeable plantation and German compound which can also double as ether port with the inclusion of other buildings.

Martian terrain expanded with strange colourful things!

Still lots to do if I'm to hit my start of the year list. I must try to stick to it and not go off and expand small projects like the Fadath army or the Coprates.

Still its keeping me out of trouble.  Once again sorry about the poor quality of the pics but I can't buy a super camera while I'm spending money on white metal, resin and plastic ;)


  1. Now that wagon is giving me ideas... Ideas are expensive. I don't think my wife would like you very much right now...

    But nice work on the models, and I look forward to more!

  2. Thank you Sir.Always please to help,even if it leaves you in the dog house with your good lady or bank mananger Sir :)Money is the curse of the hobby ;)

    I got it very cheap off e-bay,the two wheel carriages (Liptons Tea style) are more expensive.LLEDO can be found in bulk on e-bay on lucky days for around 50 pence each in the UK.

    I look forward to seeing new projects from you Sir.I will battle on with those outstanding projects and get some games in this year.No point building armies if you don't get them onto the field to get bloodied.

  3. Nice Blogg you have here, Sir!
    I am looking foreward to follow you on the trip to infinity and beyond =)
    Steampunk is coming strong nowdays.

  4. Thank you Galdarbjelke.More of a VSF man myself "you say tomato, I say tomahto".We'll not get in that debate our I'll never get any painting done ;).Hope my modest blogg can entertain :)