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The Sons of Aries

In an attempt to post on more regular basis.I'm putting up some fluff and pics taken last year but not published.While the political games of the "Great Powers" provide many scenarios you can't really do without some real rotters in a VSF game.

So I came up with the following brief out line to go with the minis.

The Sons of Aries is an interplanetary secret organisation using crime towards a present unknown goal. They have bases of operation all over Mars but their current HQ is in Shastapsh. But his main factories/ laboratories vaults and his interplanetary launch centre are based in Sithonius Lacus near the Martian North pole.


The Professor-No one but its mysterious mastermind knows the true purpose behind the orders actions but it accumulates wealth, influence, technology both human and alien while becoming ever more powerful. Only known to his servants by the title ‘Professor’ .He was once a member of the Brotherhood of Luxor the recently destroyed secret organisation. No one knows his connections to Brotherhood as one of its agents as most of its network was lost.

Nor at the time did the Brotherhood know his true aims or how much he had learnt of the organisations secrets and how much he had used this knowledge to his own advantage before the organisation was brought to its end by agents working for the British Empire. He was able to secure some Vulcan technology and perhaps more importantly the blue prints and logs of Kronos. He personally witnessed the use of Red Sands and knows its unreliability but has samples hidden away should he need it.

But as can be seen he has had his fingers in many pies for his own personal aims for a long time. His current public cover is that of an unassuming consul official for the Imperial German Foreign Office based in Shastapsh.
Countess Zebrowska- is one of the Professors chief lieutenants and was once a penniless Polish heiress. The Countess has used her brains, sabre skills and seductive charms to become a leading member of the Sons of Aries operating on the red planet. She is now the head of the orders security and intelligence forces. She is assisted by her number two and lover Cpt. Stefan Alexandrov formally of the Russian Imperial Army. She has a small but loyal guard who provide security for her.

Professor Achmed  Hawass-One of the few Egyptian Egyptologists and now an expert in ancient Martian/Vulcan culture. A treasurer seeker , archaeologist and linguist for his master the Professor. Hates the British Empire with a passion and is wanted in Cairo for the murder of two British archaeologists and a policeman.

Mainly Mars based:

Sister Maria- is a fanatical Christian mercenary who works for the SOA under the impression that their ultimate aim is to cleanse the planet of non-believers and heretics. She wears a mechanical suit of armour which gives her incredible strength and power. She has become the Professor’s assassin and internal enforcer. She carries a broad sword and a twin barrelled percussion pistol which is one of the few weapons that can bring down an Iron Guard with a direct hit.

The Iron Guard-These Automotons protect the Leagues secrets and act as a personal bodyguard to the Professor as well as his shock troops. They are incorruptible and are the only servants he trusts totally. They are armoured machines and can be equipped with devastating weapons developed by the Professor’s secret labs. Such as flame throwers and auto guns with can allow them to act as one man armies. Though they are very expensive to build and maintain. They are rarely used in combat unless other troops can’t achieve the goal. Some ancient Martian/Vulcan technology maybe used in their construction and operation.

Cpt."Neehap Saring"of the Jagged Dagger- (Martian version of Eastern name) Pirate Captain of the Jagged Dagger. He real name is unknown many just call him after his ships name or Captain to his face. A member of the League who’s main work is piracy but also responsible for its fleet of covert transports. He has Martians and earthers as his crew and a small force of lightly armed eastern marines.

Fu Manchu-Roving Chinese Imperial Consul & one of the Professors lieutenants. A criminal mastermind who administers is Masters underworld criminal businesses section of the Leagues wealth making operations. Such as piracy, smuggling, extortion, prostitution, drugs, gambling, slavery etc. His cover is as the roving Chinese Imperial Consul which allows him to travel around the planet with relative ease. He is assisted by his secretary/mistress/assassin Fao Lo Sue and gigantic his body guard Ho, a former Chinese Imperial executioner.

Conner O'Neil-An American slaver and gun runner in the employee of the Professor.

Tronsky-Spy and anarchist he believes he is fighting for his beliefs when in fact his contact and supplier is the Countess carrying out her masters bidding. He operates mainly in the Russian Imperial sector. His fond of dynamite and carries some sticks with him where ever he goes.

Mainly Venus based:

Two Gun Noonan
-American assassin , gunman and enforcer who often works with O’Neil as well as other members of the Professors organisation.

Cizith-Venusian Shaman may not be the first idea of an ally but his talents in poisons, potions and Venusian magic is highly valued. He can sometimes act as a link with Martian secrets. He is assisted by Flish is one of the best trackers on the planet and a highly feared Venusian Hunter.

Most of these are either Ironclad or Copplestone minis with a few OOP chaps I picked up on ebay.


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