Saturday, 16 February 2013

Not much to show you this weekend

I've been painting today so until finished not much to show you.

So just a progress(or not as the case may be) report.Had a clean out of extra 'bits' to give me clear idea of where we are with the cloudships.

Tiger minis.
Plus an old pic of the Americans I've formed up for Mars.Army and Marines to protect the Consul to the British part of Mars Arthur.J.Ranstead.His the large chap in the middle.Also head of the US spy network on the planet.Missing the Stars and Stripes,still looking for a good 28mm source.

Those of you that have been following me on other sites and forums know that I don't hold with the rewriting of the ACW.So like the original Space 1889 background the USA is one united country.Not a new history like Space 1889 and Beyond on its website.If you want CSA on Mars,great no problem.

They could be those looking for a new start as we have seen in films and books from other sources.Don't have a problem with it.But the idea a split US could reach the stars I find difficult.But its not my IP and its VSF in the end.

So any CSA not too long on the tooth to go to Mars that happen to turn up on my version of Mars won't be part of a CSA with its own space programme.These figs were inspired by a chance showing of the fim the Lion & the Wind a few years ago.


  1. Tantalising pictures, DLI. I'm inclined to agree with you vis-a-vis the "new" CSA. Too much like GASLIGHT for my taste.

    Same with the French Commune.

  2. I think its great in Gaslight or any other system if they want it.One of the things Space 1889 had though is that is didn't follow 'easy' trends.But each to their own.I've claimed down alittle from my online spat with the author of the series and I'm happy sticking to the original source with the odd borrowed new bit.

    As they say in your part of Mars "Vive la diff'erence" ;)