Thursday, 14 May 2020

WIP Canal Docks and guns-May 2020


So more measuring and planning on the layout of the docks with some more mdf kits from TTCombat. Which by the way are up and running now, if reduced staff due to the beer flu.

If you can please support hobby companies during the lockdown.

The board will be a silly sized 4ft by 5ft. Highly impractical but I think in Imperial scales in projects. That is partly why I take so long to finish them ;)

Another delivery from The Honourable Boiler Suit Company. 3 & 6 pdrs and some Hotchkiss revolving cannons for another vessel.

Finally some simple basing for some of the going number of crafts down at the Martian shipyards.


  1. Looking great. Im guessing the grids are the top of the raised venetian street model, unassembled but placed for sizing?

  2. You are correct Dave. Just placed for sizing, ttcombat have only recently reopened so my orders are coming in smaller lots.

    They will be constructed to the 60mm hight apart from the sewer out let section of the left/top of the pictures. These are 30mm going up to 60mm towards the foam slope and backboard.