Sunday, 28 January 2018

Martian Warehouse-Jan 2018 Update.

What a shock! I've found time to do something.

A version of a human warehouse on Mars. As in the source books lots of traditional Martian buildings were used by humans rather than build an expensive earth style building. That isn't to say humans didn't use earth styles but these were less common than conversions. Here we have a repaired ruined Martian domestic building combined with a Victorian style frontage make of local materials.

Running with my idea of loading/unloading goods from cloudships using towers/tall buildings. Unlike canal level warehouses which are one or two storey buildings seen in some of my earlier work.  As they load and unload from canal ships.This type of warehouse allows for air transports to remain aloft than having to travel to landing fields and cause all the delay and expense of officials/tax officers/docking crews and ground transport of goods. Also the privacy this can give to the trading companies.

Some bits to go inside.

The ground floor office and first storey office are playable unlike most of the tower.

Warehouse doors not on yet and a few more fixed items for the ground floor. Plus some inter-changeable scatter.

There is access to the top floor and roof for games but not the middle section of the tower.

Now maybe Feb I can get some minis painted?

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