Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Martian Towers or Coffee can Towers.June 2016 Update

I've been playing with some rare spare time and working on some more of the Martian city towers.

The "bell tower" with the gold cross goes with the theme of converting Martian buildings to Human uses. I'm hoping these will add a more realistic feel to my city layouts and soften my straight lines of my cork buildings.

The Henson Interplanetary Mining Company & Henson Interplanetary Trading Company.
Two more maxims and a nine pounder are still in the packets but will be added to the force when painting begins.

Painting! What painting figures this year?

Managers/Foremen at the front left, "security" officers behind with a unit of eight men.On the right eight company "guards" with one officer and eight more armed employees to the right rear. All from North Star miniatures African range.

In the back ground are three Brits who just wondered onto the table to keep an eye on this "private" army. 
The trees have been placed on bases and will be added to the cultivated parts of human quarters in Martian cities. On and I've had the flag box open and been looking at marching camp/building flags.


  1. They look very handy, and environmentally friendly too.

    How do you propose to stop the thinner towers getting knocked over by wargamers' elbows at inappropriate times? Will you weight their bottoms? (I meant the towers!) Or fix on some stub walls or just attach them to larger buildings?

    It's a nice idea to recycle packaging like that. I know I have saved a couple of preformed carton inserts that were used to package electrical goods (although quite what they were quite escapes me now). If I ever get round to embellishing them they'll make great slum sections - nothing's too high, but there are lots of odd flat surfaces to stand figures on.

    1. Hi Clive,

      They will either be attached to existing buildings or glued to bases with some street scatter.Or that is at least the plan.

      I am running with a 12 dozen Space 1889 projects at once,but what's new lol. Its a case of getting through them all when I've the time. Recycling is king when your a cheap skate like me ;)

    2. Hey, if we only did one project at once we wouldn't be wargamers! lol

  2. Those are great. I have been pondering how to model the verticality of the cities described in the fluff.