Monday, 29 February 2016

Venus Mesa or not much for Feb

Not much to show this month. Snowed under with real world work :(

A few bits of scatter for Mars and Venus. Working on a Mesa for my 'birdmen' village if I ever get the houses right?


  1. Egads, that's far more than I managed this past month. Not one blasted drop of paint spread at my house - at least, not on figures.

    Keep plugging away good sir, and I would bet that your Venusian village will be done before mine. I only began building one in 2011. Or was it 2010? Anyway... keep at it! It looks good so far.

  2. Liking the trebuchet. I have just given some ballistae to my Martians. I am not sure how to stat them up yet.

  3. Lol that's my Martian canal crane Pat ;)