Saturday, 15 January 2011

Progress on the Martian Front

Sorry about the pic quality but same old problem.

I'm still wading through a lead pile of Martians (RAFM) but hope to get up some new pics of the new ones soon.The Gashants are painted but not all the riders or their lances.The infantry are going a bit slower as they were halted my a group of martian civilians (Brigade Games) which turned up on Wednesday and took over my painting table.Though when finished I should hopefully have a full band of Martian infantry between 60-70 figures including officers and a detactment of cavalry.

While all this is happening I'm still working on my Cloudships and if the Games Workshop have the right paint I'm looking for the first one should be finished next weekend with luck.Then I can start working on the big one and more Martian buildings or even a 3D canal section.

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